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It is with a heavy heart that I have had to make some difficult decisions with regards to the work I continue to do through Vikspics from both a viable financial position and due to a major ongoing injury that I will have to take a considerable time out to have fixed and recover from.

Any existing bookings stand and are unaffected, this is more about moving forward from the 14th June this year.

Workshops & 1-2-1s

As of the 14th June this year I will no longer be organising and running workshops myself, I will still run 1-2-1s and private small group workshops, however I will not be able to run this for the remainder of this year as it stands.

I will run my Forgotten Little Creatures Workshops on the 6th, 12th and 13th of June as planned and have a few spaces left on these if you would like to join me for a last workshop.

Forgotten Little Creatures Workshops

This does not mean I won't be leading workshops and events, the difference is they will be run via an organisation.

I love guiding the workshops and events but the last year has proved very stressful and I have bent over backwards this year to ensure they can go ahead with all the relevant permissions from reserves etc. There is a huge amount of work that goes into organising and running these workshops and sadly many I have decided to run at a loss due to rearranging from last year due to the pandemic to ensure my clients can still attend.


Certainly for the short term I will continue to be able to offer talks to groups and clubs and any talks already booked in these are unaffected. Once I know more I will know if I am able to offer talks later in the year and early next year, but if you are interested please do get in touch as I am hopefully I can still offer these via zoom if I am not able to travel.


Sadly photography is now very limited and although I am trying to still do small amounts with the compact camera there will be periods of time I will be unable to do any at all. This also goes for computer work. As much as I can I will be continuing the hard drive sort out and share the occasional image but there will be long periods where I will be absent from social media.

So What now?

For now I will be concentrating on my drawing and needle felting as both of these I am still able to do, I will be sharing both of these via the separate Facebook and Instagram pages I have set up for them

Facebook WoolleyWildlife

Instagram WoolleyWildlife

If you are interested in placing an order for any of my needle felted animals or prints of my drawings, you can do so through my shop

Needle Felting & Artwork Shop

A huge thank you to everyone for your amazing support over the last few years of so, I am hopeful I will be back fighting fit and back to my photography which I love so much, but it is going to be many months before that happens unfortunately and I need to take this time away to concentrate on getting sorted.

If you do wish to get in touch to discuss 1-2-1s, private small group workshops or talks then please contact me via the contact form or email at I will not be checking private messages on social media.