Elements Covers Review

As a wildlife photographer, my work takes me to all kinds of environments and conditions including salt spray, rain, sand and snow. I have in the past resorted to plastic bags, elastic bands and tape to protect my equipment, but it is a hassle and often very time consuming and can lead to missing a shot. The elements cover and lens extension covers from Kata are quick and easy to use and protect my cameras from even the harshest of conditions. The current contract I am working on involves taking photographs and video of both the wildlife on and around the islands of the Inner Hebrides and commercial material of the RIBs for potential clients from both open and enclosed RIBs and dinghies. Weather conditions can change quickly during a shooting session from sunshine and flat seas to big swells and spray so I need to know that my cameras will be protected from both rain and saltwater spray. These covers have been invaluable over the last few months providing me with the piece of mind that my equipment is protected and allowing me to concentrate on the shots I need to get. I will update this review further once I have tested the covers in winter conditions in Romania.

The E-702 cover is quick and simple to put on and has two hand sleeves with toggle straps to form a tight fitting weather seal whilst making all the camera buttons and dials just as accessible as they would be without the covers and the screen is still easily visible. A canon 7D and small lens fit comfortably inside the cover, the E-704 extension kit is perfect for longer lenses with the thick velcro bands ensure that a tight seal is achieved. The material is both durable and tough withstanding even the harshest of conditions and environments whilst still being lightweight and easy to store and carry. I would definitely recommend the E-702 and lens extension kit E-704 to any photographer that works in the outdoor environment and requires good reliable protection for their equipment.

Winter Update……
With all the recent snowfall in the UK, I have been out and about testing the elements covers in pretty deep snow, resting my camera on snow covered branches and even laying in the snow! I can report that the only thing that got wet was in fact me; my camera and lens were completely dry even when lying in the snow. I now look forward to taking these covers out to the Carpathian Mountains in the coming months and seeing how they fair in the environments out there.