Forgotten Little Creatures

Forgotten Little Creatures is an exciting project that celebrates all the smaller things that we have around us bringing together creative photography, interesting scientific and historical facts, the stories behind the images and how we can help the wildlife around us. By encouraging others to find and understand the importance of these smaller species I hope that they will help protect them and their habitats for future generations to enjoy and the health of our local ecosystem.

This is no ordinary photographic project, the images are more artistic aimed at bringing out the characters, details and interactions with their habitats of my subjects, encouraging people to look differently at the plants, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles we have around us here in the UK and further afield.

As this project is completely self-funded, I have set up a Buy Me A Coffee page where you can donate to the project, every little really does help me to continue working on it. I have so many ideas and plans, including future books.

Please do check it out, maybe buy me coffee if you would like or just share.

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Who are the Forgotten Little Creatures?

These are the plants, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles which are often feared, ignored, overlooked and even forgotten about despite the important role they play in their habitats. I hope to widen the appreciation of them and show their beauty and characters along with demonstrating the wide variety we all have on our doorsteps.

Why I believe this project is important

During my research and photography of a wide range of little creatures near my home it became very clear there is a lack of media coverage - particularly positive coverage - of them and the critical roles they play in maintaining healthy ecosystems not to mention just how fascinating they can be.

The Photography

Ethical, truthful and responsible photography is something I feel very strongly about with the welfare of my subject and their habitat being my main priorities. All my images are taken where I have found my subjects, working with what is in front of me and never moving them to better locations or gardening around them and I never use backgrounds or flash. I am very careful to cause as little disturbance as possible and will spend weeks and months (if possible) with just a handful of subjects, learning as much as I can about them and how they interact with their habitats.

This first part of the project culminated in a successful and exciting exhibition with an accompanying book which brings together the stories behind the images, interesting scientific and historical facts about my subjects and all the fun anecdotes of my experiences working on this project.

Items For Sale

I have the remaining art work from the exhibition available to purchase along with the book and cards, money from the sale of these items goes into funding the next stages of the project. All of images in the image gallery are available to purchase as 2 sizes of Fine Art prints and 2 sizes aluminium metal prints (UV resistant, scratch and water proof and come ready to hang), please contact me for other sizes or if you have any queries.

Please note that prices include UK P&P only, if you wish to order a print to be posted to outside the UK please drop me an email at with your requirements and I can send through a price.


There is an accompanying talk for this project which will evolve as the project develops, if you are interested in hosting one of the talks please do get in touch, these are either 60 minute straight through presentation or a 90 minute presentations with a break half way through.


There is also accompanying full day workshops to go with the project with the money from these going into funding future trips, books and the website. There are three dates available at the moment, all based in Somerset and at different times of the year to capture different species, all the details and how to book are here:

Forgotten Little Creatures Workshops

What's Next?

Having completed the first part of the project and with the accompanying book now published on just a small selection of species within 40 miles of my home in Frome, I have started work on the next stage of the project travelling around the rest of the UK and into Europe researching and photographing many more of the Forgotten Little Creatures. This will come together in further exhibitions and books in the future. I will continue to share images and stories from the ongoing work.

In the galleries below you will find images from the UK and mainland Europe, I will add more as I take them.